You like BBQ?

BBQ-ing is an art. This should be said after many years of experience and dare to say that I can prepare the most delicious snacks on the BBQ. We are still getting used to our latest addition the Boretti, since everything much faster than our loyal Weber, but the result is very promising. After the charcoal to have given time to start you first start to grill on direct fire and then the snacks just indirectly after letting yarn on the grill without coals. The result is a beautiful juicy butter soft snack.

We have two choices:

  • Delicious home-marinated chicken wings or
  • Chicken skewers with Zucchini and peppers (marinated chicken breast)

Both served with homemade Tzatziki en bread.
Of corse we serve you a sparkling Chardonnay with this.

Let the party begin!



Do you have an allergy? Please tell us!
On board are drinks and snacks for sale
* For this arrangement you need to make an reservation in advance

Payment by cash or bank transfer in advance. There is no ATM on board.
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