Delicious tastes

For those who really enjoy nice products

We are fortunate to have found a vendor who himself travels to the South several times a year for various inspirational French products in to buy. The most beautiful wines, nice full a purely of taste are to be delivered. Furthermore, sardines in olive oil, paté de campagne and rillettes of fish such as tuna, salmon or mackerel, not so well known here in Holland but so delicious. A real pleasure to make salads with these delights, or to toast or stick bread. All surprising products that as pure of taste are that there is a world opens for you.

Toast met visrilettes
Toast and fishrilettes

What’s in?

  • Toast with rillettes of fish of your choice (salmon or tuna or mackerel) or paté de campagne
  • Glass of cider, Chardonnay or Cava
  • Sailing trip 1 or 1.5 hours or longer (for an additional fee)



Do you have an allergy? Please tell us!
On board are drinks and snacks for sale
* For this arrangement you need to make an reservation in advance

Payment by cash or bank transfer in advance. There is no ATM on board.
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